3D Visualization: VisIt

WarpX results can be visualized by VisIt, an open source visualization and analysis software. VisIt can be downloaded and installed from https://wci.llnl.gov/simulation/computer-codes/visit.

openPMD (HDF5)

WarpX’ openPMD files can be visualized with VisIt 3.1.0+. VisIt supports openPMD HDF5 files and requires to rename the files from .h5 to .opmd to be automatically detected.

Plotfiles (AMReX)

Assuming that you ran a 2D simulation, here are instructions for making a simple plot from a given plotfile:

  • Open the header file: Run VisIt, then select “File” -> “Open file …”, then select the Header file associated with the plotfile of interest (e.g., plt10000/Header).

  • View the data: Select “Add” -> “Pseudocolor” -> “Ez” and select “Draw”. You can select other variable to draw, such as jx, jy, jz, Ex, …

  • View the grid structure: Select “Subset” -> “levels”. Then double click the text “Subset-levels”, enable the “Wireframe” option, select “Apply”, select “Dismiss”, and then select “Draw”.

  • Save the image: Select “File” -> “Set save options”, then customize the image format to your liking, then click “Save”.

Your image should look similar to the one below


In 3D, you must apply the “Operators” -> “Slicing” -> “ThreeSlice”, You can left-click and drag over the image to rotate the image to generate image you like.

To make a movie, you must first create a text file named movie.visit with a list of the Header files for the individual frames.

The next step is to run VisIt, select “File” -> “Open file …”, then select movie.visit. Create an image to your liking and press the “play” button on the VCR-like control panel to preview all the frames. To save the movie, choose “File” -> “Save movie …”, and follow the instructions on the screen.